DJO Surgical is able to provide orthopedic surgeons a high-end, patient focused solution for total joint arthroplasty. DJO Surgical partners with key consulting surgeons to provide focused innovative and proprietary patent devices, such as the 3DKnee™ Total Knee System and Reverse® Shoulder Prosthesis.

As an industry leader in differentiated technology and upper extremity solutions, DJO Surgical gives surgeons and their patients a full range of primary and revision implants for hip, knee and shoulder reconstructive joint surgery.

Total Joint Arthoplasty

I & S Medical can supply:

  • Total Joint Arthroplasty: Hip, Knee, Upper Extremity, and Cement Solutions
  • Altivate Reverse: The anatomically-based, data-drivenAltiVate Reverse® system incorporates enhanced fixation technologies and precision instrumentation for exceptional fit in more of your patients.
  • Altivate Anatomic: The data-driven design of the AltiVate® Anatomic Shoulder System features a short P2™ coated humeral stem providing superior in-growth and a glenoid with patent pending Drop-and-Go™ technology for immediate fixation. The result is a truly anatomic reconstruction with fixation you can feel.
  • EMPOWR Knee System: A modern, kinematically driven knee implant system designed to address patient satisfaction and surgical efficiencies optimized for today’s health care environment. The EMPOWR Knee System™ provides comprehensive solutions spanning primary to revision knee arthroplasty procedures. Based on more than a decade of extensive research – the EMPOWR 3D Knee® improves clinical outcomes.
  • Taperfill Hip System: Tri-Taper™ Design for increased stability and reduced trauma in less invasive hip approaches.
  • Reja Precision Chevron Bunion System - The MIS Precision Chevron Bunion System allows surgeons to perform the Chevron bunion surgery in a familiar way through a small 1 cm incision. Mild to moderate bunion correction.
  • DynaNail - TTC & Hindfoot Fusion | Internal Compression Nail - The DynaNail® TTC Fusion System is designed for use in tibiotalocalcaneal (TTC) fusion, or hindfoot fusion, procedures to address degenerative conditions, correct joint deformities and revise failed total ankle replacements or arthrodesis non-unions.

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